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google0d7e58dc5e4b8e85.html Traffic Costs Americans More than $100B Annually. Start an Online business So you don't sit in traffic wasting minutes of your life-You can be FINANCIALLY FREE! by NewsyVideosTraffic To a Website

Driving Traffic For Free

One of the best traffic secrets is "driving traffic for free". Traffic To a Website Traffic to a website!!! Why spend time clicking for hours with little results getting a few points driving traffic from safelists and traffic exchanges when you can focus on a few exchanges and safelists and get your brand know to a quality prospect and drive traffic to a website? Jumping from joining one safe list and traffic exchange after another only frustrates the internet marketer. By having one system where you promote a squeeze page to capture leads by giving away a valuable eBook to subscribers, you start a process that allows you to expand your list into your autoresponder. However it must be to a quality list of potential subscribers. There are traffic secrets to getting quality subscribers who want what you want to accomplish. Choosing the right free offer can assist in driving the right website traffic

Stop Suffering-Get Traffic to a Website and Stop Going From One List or Program to Another

You should not suffer, wasting time, opening hundreds of emails a day from hundreds of Safelists and Traffic Exchanges that you have joined when this work has all ready been done by experienced marketers who already have found quality Safelists and quality Traffic Exchanges and who have found potential customers ready to buy your product.  You have to find an experienced successful mentor to share what they are doing and this will help you get the right traffic.

By going with experience and using a few quality Safelists and Traffic Exchanges, not only will you build your own primary business but you will automatically build your Safe-List, Traffic Exchange and List-Builder downlines.   And once you’re upgraded in these, and shared with your subscribers how to do the same, you put money into your pocket by having a growing list of buyers and followers who will put more money in your pocket each and every month! This residual income is the key to long term success.

The best part is this type of system is that it can be Free!  I already said that, didn’t  I….. You need a system that over-delivers its promises and never charges a dime for it! You need to build your list by exposing more and more of the Safelists and Traffic Exchange members to free, quality products and capturing their information into your autoresponder service for quality follow-up.  It is in the follow-up that the real success begins.  Since most internet workers are jumping from one program to another trying to find a magic bullet, you must get them to focus on making money and not wasting time. You need their contact information fed to your autoresponder so you can make contact and establish a relationship.  These relationships will pay you back for every minute you give them.

What are the Traffic Secrets to Making More Money?

If one is truly committed to Success and if they have the willingness to do what it takes to become successful, They can be shown the fastest way to achieve their Dreams! It is done by assisting your subscribers in joining  the right quality Safelists and Traffic Exchanges and focusing on getting subscribers who become traffic to the website.  Then upgrading them in the safelist or exchange to expand  their ability to reach contacts in each of the lists, everyone makes money as well as saving time in  reaching for their dream of having more free time and making more money. Most lists expand your reach as you upgrade and usually for a very little money for the results you get.

There are “Building Block Program” systems that you are not required to pay to join or required to  take upgrades in the mailers to use the system.  It should be absolutely, 100% FREE! I have such a program. In this type of program you can build a subscriber base for free, establish a relationship with them to help them build a list of subscribers and as you drive traffic to the website they join the systems that you affiliate with, everyone makes money-residual money.  This system takes time to begin, but once subscribers join and get other subscribers, the monthly income grows exponentially for everyone from the system upgrades.

Even a 7 year old can do this and the results are truly amazing!  How amazing you say?  Well, using this free system, I placed over 659 new members into my “2” programs from late November 2011 until March of 2012. Many of them have done as much or better than I as the system grows. Just about every time I send out an email shot or advertise on Safelists, I get results and so does my team through using the safelists to drive traffic to the site.  That’s an average of one new member a day!  I “DID” say this was free, didn’t I?

A Traffic Secret That Kills all Others!

My mentor taught me the system and I follow it each day to get the results I need, just doing what he does-driving traffic to the website. This is a Traffic secret that pays well. Follow the system and listen to your mentor.  Stop wasting time going from one program to another, reading millions of emails and begin focusing on the system set-up by your mentor. Just duplicate what he or she does. If they are making the income of your dreams, why wouldn't you follow their example?

Read member testimonials: "My mentor has a talent for teaching his team how to market their online business over the Internet. His step by step instructions and system make it simple for new marketers to have success. This makes team building fun and profitable at the same time. Finally, a Mentor who helps eliminate frustration and information overload."

Mike Ward. The 6 Figure Network Marketer TX

"I could not believe it. It seemed too easy, but it worked. You showed me how to make $106 within 7 days, and then it just exploded. Thank you, you have changed my life."

Robert W, NY.

"Thanks for emailing me. I really don't need any more help. It’s working great. This is ace."

Neelam K, Leeds, UK

"I didn't want to waste time on another stupid scheme, but since it was free I decided to follow your plan, and I am so pleased. I already made over $200, more than you said. I have to say thank you,

because I wasted my money on a lot of eBooks and matrix schemes before I came to your site."

Amanda P, IL

This “IS” what most marketers have been looking for to take their business to the next level or simply to affiliate with a team of “Leaders” that will guide them to success…..once and for all.  Just by signing through and completing  a marketing profile in a quality system and you’ll be “good-to-Go!”

P.S.  There ARE opportunities in a group called Traffic Secret (TS) that I am a part of, but…  "You DO NOT (I repeat) You DO NOT" have to join the TS's building program (Global NPN) or take an upgrade in any of the offered free programs to use this system!  And “if” you happen to already be a member, you can just load your ID# into your profile and watch what happens!

By recruiting "just one new member a month" and having your subscribers do the same, you can develop a $1000+ a week income in less than one year! Many are doing more.

William Ribblett     My Successful Mentoring Income System!

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