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Finding Free Sources of Advertizing

Remember that all business starts locally.  Your local reputation is key to your success.  Are you trustworthy?  Do you provide a quality product or service? Can your deliver as promised? These are all things to consider when starting a business.

So to begin with your advertizing it is best to start locally-then expand after you establish your base. Local customers build you a reputation that can be tested and it is easier to establish a relationship to build trust. This why I recommend starting with FREE local advertising.  The best start is to go to GOOGLE.COM and type into the search line "Free Classified Ads" and the name of the largest local area near your location.  For instance I type in "Los Angeles" instead of Redlands where I live. This gives me a larger base to advertise to and also makes my service available to a larger audience.

Google Search:       "Free Classified Ads Los Angeles"

You will get a Google list of all free classified services offered in that search criteria. Pick the service that is closest to your business needs.  I chose "Classified" and it offered me a list of 30 areas they send to in the Los Angeles Regional area. I can send to any or all areas by choice so I can select the approximate number of people I want to see my ad- and it is free. This ad will reach approximately 22 million people and it didn't cost a cent. So how do you get people to read the ad?

Keep the ad simple. One that people will read and target it by selecting the category that best matches your product or service. This way people will more likely read your advertisement. It has been found that complicated website names or names that are difficult to remember sometimes get overlooked, so you need to have a lead capture link that is simple and easy to understand to get the best results.  However my ad for was responded to quite well and Classified posted my ad for a 9 month period free.


There are many ways to get free traffic and I list a few below:

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AdlandPro World's Classifieds

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And of course the social networks! Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg  and others. You may have to join their membership to send ads in all the above, but it is well worth the occasional digital advertisements or newsletters you get as a result.

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