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Knowing who visits your site; where they come from; what source of ad drove them there; which ads were successful and which were not; and, which ads you need to tweak are all bits of information you should have in order to build a site successful.  After all aren't you trying to reach more people with your blog or sales page?

Do paid ads work? Are my free ads driving traffic? You need to know all this or you are wasting valuable time.  Why wait for two to three years for your site to produce the effects you want.  With great analysis you can make your site productive immediately. A traffic secret to setup is by using the expert services of Web Sat Live. It is a free service that does all the work for you and gives you expert reporting on the web traffic you get to your site. You can also be an affiliate to promote the value of the site to others struggling to get quality traffic.  This is one of the traffic secrets that I set up on my site.  Check out the counter placed on Page one. It keeps track of the number of people visiting.  When I get a sufficient number I can analyze what drove them there and focus on that source to drive web traffic to my site.  I can do this on each page or on a blog post that I might link somewhere else.

Suggestions on Promoting Your Web-Stat Affiliate

Here are a few suggestions on promoting your affiliate relationship with Web Stat Live (WSL):

A few ideas on generating traffic to your affiliate URL...

  • Text link : add a paragraph on your site with a strong recommendation of WSL service, telling your visitors that they can get 30 days of free traffic analysis simply by going to Web-Stat (notice how this link to our site goes to your affiliate URL instead of their home page). A text link is best and if your recommendation sounds like it comes from personal experience it is even better.
  • Banner ad : display one of Web-Stat's affiliate banners on your site : it's easy and if your site gets a fair amount of traffic it can be very efficient. Banners for your account are available as cut-and-paste here.
  • Purchase advertisement online : you can purchase keywords in pay-per-click engines or display your affiliate banner on third-party sites. This will cost you money in the beginning, but the traffic you generate will convert into sales quickly and you will come out ahead (usually 2 months). This is the method chosen by our most successful affiliates.
  • Email ad : configure your email program so that it sends automatically your signature and your address at the end of each message ; add to that signature a short text linking to Web-Stat. For instance
  •   "Get to know your visitors : go to ID) for 30 days of FREE traffic analysis"

Obviously there are many other ways of sending visitors to your affiliate URL and you are free to experiment with your own methods. The bottom line is that generating traffic is all you have to do; WSL takes care of everything else !


I find this service to be very helpful in getting my site and/or blog to start making sense. On of my blogs sat for months without visitors until I started to find out the information provided by WSL. Now I get regular visitors because I have used the information I learned to improve my blogs. You will find that this free service will get you on the right path.


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