Finding The Right Customer When Building Your List

Finding the best Advertisement to people who have your same interests in internet marketing is difficult. There are numerous traffic exchanges and Safelists. Time is of critical importance to those who are just starting out. It is easy to get discouraged and join the 95% of internet marketers who never make it in business. This is why I use the best traffic exchange available and recommend the best Safelists that work for me. A good traffic exchange gets your product out there to the better Safelists available. I use Traffic Hoopla for my advertizing. I have my primary success in this exchange.

Traffic Hoopla

Traffic Hoopla houses the best of the best when it comes to traffic exchanges and safelists (We will go over safelists in another post). You will save a considerable amount of time starting out using the top 20 traffic exchanges within the Traffic Hoopla back office to generate leads for your business. Traffic Hoopla houses the top 20 changes every week but not by much. Once you get good at traffic exchanges, reading your traffic statistics and working out your own conversion ratios, you will be able to take this knowledge into any traffic exchange you wish and test it. There are many good traffic exchanges that are not in Hoopla's Top 20 rankings that you may like to try. But let’s get you started first...

The other benefit of using Traffic Hoopla, is that it acts as a downline builder for you as well. Most all traffic exchanges have an affiliate program where you can receive a small percentage of your referral’s traffic. For instance, you may be a member of a traffic exchange that gives a 10% traffic bonus on all personal referrals. This means that for every 100 credits one of your personal referrals earns while surfing, you would earn 10 credits. But that is not all. Many of these same exchanges offer residual traffic AND commissions on traffic credit purchases as well. You will find that most of free traffic is driven from credits. Don’t believe those who say that this free traffic isn’t good traffic. Everyone in internet marketing sooner or later come to traffic exchanges to get customers. And I believe the best place to start is Traffic Hoopla.

You Join The Top 20 Traffic Exchanges When You Join Traffic Hoopla

Each exchange is different, but they all have some form of benefit built in if you refer new advertisers to their exchanges. Traffic Hoopla allows us to join the Top 20 traffic exchanges online, and then provide our personal referral ID's for those exchanges so we can get credit for everyone we refer. In essence, you will be building residual traffic and even commissions simply by building your business if you become a member of Traffic Hoopla.

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The Best Place to Start: