Have You Tried It All Yet? Frustrated Getting Your Business Going?

Get Customers- by First Building Your List…

Build a list of quality customers first. Stop wasting precious time placing ads trying to sell to a non-existing, fictitious customer. Stop trying to get customers to buy from you or use your product when you may not know what it is the customer wants. The results are in. You can be successful by following these five (5) simple steps:

  1. First, find the Customer-Go to where the customers are.
  2. Secondly, provide the product they want.
  3. Thirdly, give the product or service to them at a great price, or for free.
  4.  Fourthly, deliver quality, so the customer wants to return or stay with you.
  5. Fifthly, collect your rewards.

Help the customer to get what they want and you will get what you want-a successful business.

First-Finding the Customer Using Free Sources

If you are starting an internet business that needs web traffic, where do you find customers who want what you have to offer? The answer is simple-go to where the buyers are.  It sounds too simple, but do you know that the work has already been done for you? There are businesses that collect lists of persons who are trying to start an internet business the same as you may be trying. Or are trying to start a business selling products and are looking for buyers.  This is the place to start-find a list that is safe to mail to or a list that is willing to market your website that provides your product. Safelists are everywhere and new safelists are being built every day.  So how do you pick the safelist that is going to work for your business?

The first word of advice I give to clients is to find a safelist that works-a list that gets sign-ups on a regular basis. This is a system that has tested the safelists to find the best ones to build a list quickly. Here you can quickly build a list of hundreds if not thousands of sign-ups. So, where do you find such a safelist? One way is to find a mentor who has been and is being successful in getting sign-ups of potential customers.  I have been lucky to find several such mentors.  The secret to success then is to do what they do until you get good at finding names of potential customers by following their step-by-step advice. Along the way don’t fall for every product, scheme or promise out there.  There are many trying to get you hard earned money.  Stay focused:  Find that mentor-who provides free service, advice, if possible (and it is possible).

After you find a mentor, look at what he or she is doing with their business. See what success they have had by goggling their name or their business name(s). See their track record.  Can they be trusted? Do they do what they say they have done? Your time (and money) is too valuable to waste on mentors that just want your money. You want to build a list. Check out the system they use to build a list. There are free web traffic systems that are tried and tested by mentors you can trust.

Finding Customers in Real-time …

Of course an instant result is what everyone wants in both buying and selling, and you are not going to be disappointed.  There is a resource that uses Twitter to find instantly who is tweeting about your product or service.  Once you set up the service, you get notification, over a 24 hour period, what people are tweeting about the subject containing the keywords you use in your business or service.  You can try the service free and see what it does for your business. It allows you to tweet a response that links the potential customer to your service or product immediately.  You can even target an audience within miles of your store-front business. TwitHawk is an outstanding provider of resources that every business needs for immediate contact with potential customers. Check it out here.

Using the social networks is paramount to your success. There is a free service for private social marketing and just a small fee for expanded support. Only Wire -"One Button Publish Anywhere" is the fastest and easiest way to auto-submit content to the top 48 social networks. Social networks see you ad immediately. Also they offer you the ability to create pages to show your product or service and refer to your website- FaceBook Fan Page Creator, Linkedin Lifestyle, Twitter Adder, TribePro, and Only Wire -"One Button Publish Anywhere" just  to name a few places to get your product or service seen.

Secondly-The Product They Want

Having a quality product or service is key to your long term success.  There are too many scam artists trying to get rich on your dime. Too many have been burned. This is why I recommend a trusted mentor who has experience and has tested the products he or she recommends. To offer a product your customer wants, you must first get the customer in the door.  This is why I recommend safelist marketing to build a list of hungry customers.  People who register with a safelist are trying to do what you are doing in some form or another. Many are bombarded with ads and emails that they merely delete or find a way to skim through them to get credits so they can place their ads.

Thirdly, Make it Affordable, Preferably Free to use

You have to get their attention-stop them long enough time to get interested. This is why the best approach is to give them something useful. Who are they? What is it they need? Usually an eBook or video training or video, eBook resource that they can rebrand is both useful and helpful in gaining their interest.  Once they sig-up for the give-away, you have to be ready with professionally written email follow-up to interest them on what they must do to get what they want.  This is why it is important to contact the customer and talk to them about what it is they need or want to accomplish.  This is where you become the provider of the quality product and service.  Stay with the client as they become a customer.  Remember, whatever you do, get the customer what they want or need and you will get what you want or need. This is the formula used by successful systems like TrafficSecret.ws and Easy Downlines and even better, both are free to use in building a list.

Forthly, Deliver Quality –Both Product and Service

Your personal follow-up is important in walking a potential customer through the steps to getting started in their business of building a customer list for their business. A phone call three times the first week to get to know them-take notes about what it is they want to accomplish. A free Skype call can accomplish this when distance and time is a factor. Then walk them through the process in setting-up their computer to accomplish the tasks they need to accomplish.  The set-up has to be easy and efficient.  Using The free FireFox, tab and folder system, combined with “Last Pass” content and sign-in personal information; as well as Google Chrome and Google resources to speed up the system of placing ads, surfing for credits, signing up with the right safelists and traffic exchanges that have been tried and tested all take time on your part to share. This is why the first week after sign-up is critical to establishing a relationship with your potential customer.  This is where you build trust that leads to future sales and sharing.

And…Finally Rewards

Getting a list of 1000, starting with one-per-first-month’s goal should be everyone’s task when starting an internet business. Most internet marketers find that a personal list of 1000 can be achieved quickly once you find your groove and net, if marketed properly, an income of $5,000 per month. This is not true for the 1000 that are just names on a list-anyone can buy names on a list.  This is 1000 personally spoken to clients who you have helped toward getting their 1000. Not all clients will be as successful as you, but their goal should be the same.  Once you have a successful list, you can use the income to expand ad and email contacts. Both Traffic Secret and Easy Downlines show you how to accomplish this easily. They each provide upgrades that are reasonably priced and expand your reach of customers. Never lose sight of your goal to have a thriving business. Start free, move slow at first, take care of your list and be prepared to move fast after you get your paychecks coming in. You will be shocked at how fast your income increases as you help others achieve their goals. Don’t be swayed by those who brag of their thousands on their lists.  You know if they have never spoken to you and you are on their list, you don’t much care what they have to offer and don’t respond to their future contacts, so they just have names on a list and could just as well bought the names. Your list of 1000 will in no time double and triple as others see you as mentor and use the system you used to get your success.

See you on the beaches of the world!