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The Heart of Your Business

After you “capture” the customer, you must retain a constant communication with them. Relationships are at the heart of every businesses success. The interaction between people, the discovery of needs and wants as well as the solving of problems is what builds and binds the relationships that we enjoy.  We call this “business.” Science has shown that relationships are more important than anything else-not exercise, not diet, not money-in prolonging life. Click here to see the research: The Scientifically Proven Secret to Longevity.

Even the best fortune 500 companies engage customers and employees in a 360 degree relationship experience creating loyalty and sales. By giving customers and employees the opportunity to actually participate in the company and involve themselves in the mission, plans and development goals for the company’s future. Many of those involved rate these companies as the best place for them to work.

Internet marketing is no different. Personal involvement with the customer is paramount to both the customers satisfaction and in many cases, success and the business owner’s satisfaction and success.

The vibrancy and value of you business databases (lists) come through the actual touches with the customer not the listing of their data.

Research has shown that now newer technologies are beginning to factor into behavioral patterns that indicate the propensity to purchase a product or service, and may even offer it automatically. The customer who buys as a result may purchase one time but then evaluates the experience on the basis of that one transaction. If the experience was favorable, they may buy again, but may not explore other company offerings without more interaction. Expansion of the customer’s experience and ultimately purchases comes through developing a relationship, which in almost all cases requires interaction between people.

We are seeing more internet companies take advantage of live chats as a way of facilitating the communications and building relationships. Some augment that with text messages, social media exchanges and other vehicles of engagement and interaction. All of these build relationships and require interaction. It is proven that in the interaction success mounts.

Relationships are the HEART of your business. (Click “HEART” for free eBook)

One of my mentors-Geoff Stephens has the following advice for those who respond to the lead’s first click on your site:

“Most of the time, the new marketer (the ‘rookie’) will send an email to their new lead with the full intention of getting a sale or a signup out of them. Some generic sounding email that includes their affiliate link: “Sign up now!”

That action is, in a word, wrong.. and pretty useless.

What I do, and what most experienced marketers will do, is email the lead immediately WITHOUT ANY intention of making a sale or getting a signup. Weird, huh?

The whole point of this email is NOT to make a sale, but to start a conversation with the lead and to further qualify this prospect as well. You want INTERACTION, you want to open a line of communication with them on a personal level.

The main reasons for your email is to:

  1.  Get interaction from your prospect
  2. Start a conversation with your prospect
  3. Begin to qualify the prospect as a business partner
  4. Lead to further conversation via phone or Skype..

Note I said on a ‘personal’ level. If your email looks like an automated message, your lead will treat it like an automated message – they’ll probably ignore it. That means if you just send them a signup link, it looks fake, and you’ll get nothing from them.

Make it conversational. Ask questions. Comment on what you already know about them. Be friendly You will have NO idea whether this personal will be a good fit for your business if you don’t ask questions.

Here’s a hint: If you have their IP address (usually included when they subscribe), you can get a basic knowledge of where they live by typing in their IP address at this site:

If you know approximately where they live through their IP address, it’s much easier to start a ‘personal’ conversation with them: “Hi Joe, I notice that you live in Texas. Are you in the Houston area? My wife’s family is from there and we’re thinking of heading that way this summer, any tips on what to see while we’re there..? etc..”

The key here is to make sure your email does NOT sound like an automated followup. Put it this way, if your emails all sounded like generic autoresponder messages, I would choose to NOT do business with you. If you can’t connect with me as a professional, I will not connect with you.

That said, if you do it right, your prospects will see you as someone they want to work with.”  I think he gives wise advice that we should all follow.

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