, Educational and Rewards Program –Designed to Accelerate YOU to the SPEED OF SUCCESS!”

This is the description of this new (about to be launched) BTC accumulation software.

BitLocity is a community empowerment platform with a $25 yearly membership that provides the education and technology needed to capitalize on the new crypto world by participating in a crowdfunding initiative.

Bitlocity is an opportunity to invest in yourself by purchasing enlightening, educational courses.  The unique training instructs you on the future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies that should enhance your life. Bitlocity makes no guarantees as to what you will do with this education.  Bitlocity is not an investment strategy company and in no way are insinuating that anyone will get rich by purchasing or promoting the products offered by Bitlocity. Bitlocity does not offer financial advice and is not a broker or financial planning company.

The potential of you becoming prosperous by the educational courses offered or the Package level purchased depends on your efforts.  Income is not guaranteed and your success is strictly a matter of your application of what you have been taught and/or from the assistance of a mentor.

Welcome to BitLocity

Here is a glimpse of why cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are a safe venture currently: (BTC and Secure Wallets to store your BTC)

Bitcoin looks like it will be popular for the near future. Bitlocity is using Bitcoin (BTC) as the medium of your platform income and recommending a secure wallet to store your BTC earnings. 

What can be earned in Bitlocity?