The financial system in most of the world is set to keep you one paycheck from being bankrupt or broke. During your learning period (the first 18-24 years of your life) you learn a career or job. Funding for the job or during the earning period income is based on you earning a salary that just pays for a lifestyle you have chosen. Most move on to another job or vocation if this does not happen. But most salaries keep you Just Over Broke (JOB).

Entrepreneurship has made a path to break out of this pattern. Many want to keep their jobs or careers as they work toward retirement. This can work if one pays attention to the strategies of the wealthiest 5 Percent of the population. Here is an 18 minute video sharing how one can keep ahead of the curve and prepare themselves for a lifestyle of luxury.

Research shows that only only 35% of the population had no money saved for retirement and were dependent on government, family or became homeless upon getting too old to work. Few are prepared for a life style of luxury and freedom at age 65 so it is imperative to begin today to get ready.

Even more frightening statistics show that Millennials are getting less prepared now than their parents generation.

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Today fiat money is declining in value, being printed at whim of the government, and making the dreamed about lifestyle a dim glimpse on the horizon. Many are for this reason are turning to cryptocurrency as a way to improve family income. Bitcoin and Etherium have been the leaders in value to those accumulating these cryptos. One of the ways to multiply accumulation of these coins is to educate yourself on the way to get more coins as a hedge against inflation and fiat devaluation. Many affiliate companies are springing up to accelerate accumulation of Bitcoin and Etherium. Some affiliate platforms are pyramid scams and are set on an Etherium contract called a “smart” contract that are structured to benefit the people controlling the contract and set matrix structures to benefit the people at the top of the matrix. We recommend staying away from such platforms.

This is why TrafficSecretSetup, a traffic site, recommends a blockchain contract that is set to benefit every participant in the contract. Bitlocity is set to be one of these platforms. It is structured to benefit all types of participants-those who do not recruit but want benefit of getting income in BTC, leaders with large teams from other businesses and those who just do the best they can to share the platform with others. Everyone has a chance to receive BTC from participating in the program. In all transparency, I am a mentor to many in this program. Bitlocity is launching any day now and will be a way to accumulate Bitcoin quickly.

Beginning your strategy preparation today may save you from the future many are going to suffer is a better way to become one of the top 5% and not be broke at retirement age. This site is dedicated to helping you get income you deserve to make life the way God meant it to be. Enjoy an abundant lifestyle filled with great health and wealth of abundance. Check out all the tabs in