Budget Marketing

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Budget Marketing



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The Easy Cash Phenomenon



Launched in 2008 by Kenneth Koh – at the time, a virtual unknown in our industry – Ken’s LeadsLeap has stood the test of time and emerged as one of the preferred advertising networks.  Success of that magnitude doesn’t happen by chance, but only by combining a well thought out traffic program with truly remarkable customer support.

LeadsLeap is a traffic exchange.  But if you think this is a typical traffic exchange, think again.

Y’see, there is a flaw in conventional traffic exchange programs – members are only rewarded credits for surfing your website for a maximum of 10-20 seconds.  When that time is up, what do you think the members will do?

That’s right!  When those brief few seconds are up, your potential prospects will quickly rush to the next ad for more credits!  (And let’s face it;  10-20 seconds is not much time to really study your website and make a “buy” decision, is it?)

But the LeadsLeap traffic exchange system is different – ‘way different!  LeadsLeap rewards members continuously for surfing a site – not just for 10 or 20 seconds, but for up to 300 seconds!  That’s five whole minutes prospects can now study your website, and the longer they surf, the more credits they earn… and the better YOUR chance of making a sale!

If you have an interesting program or offer, they will be more than willing to learn about it, and with LeadsLeap they have plenty of time to get out that credit card!

You get an average of 1,200 views of your website each month with  your top-level “Pro” membership, which is the equivalent result of an average email campaign of 60,000.  Combine that traffic (which can each be viewing your website for up to 5 minutes– not just 5 seconds!), with a 50% recurring commission, and you have a truly unique traffic exchange and… a traffic generation program of unparalleled power!