Where will BTC be in Value on February 1, 2021?

MicroStrategy has purchased approximately 314 bitcoins for $10.0 million in cash in accordance with its Treasury Reserve Policy, at an average price of approximately $31,808 per bitcoin. We now hold approximately 70,784 bitcoins. So yesterday’s losses I predict will be recovered as others follow suit. Some experts are predicting a $50,000 top by February 1, […]

Why Do You Need TARGETED TRAFFIC For Your Website

Targeted Website Traffic – What Is It? By William Ribblett Just owning an impressive website or belonging to an amazing Affiliate Program means nothing at all unless you drive the right kind of traffic to your Website or Affiliate Program. That traffic NEEDS to be… Targeted Traffic. Targeted Traffic is Targeted Visitors who are visitors who are looking […]

Block Preview Page

fitness healthy breakfast healthy food healthy recipes healthy banana bread Wealth Creation with Bitcoin This blog will post articles of interest to make 2021 your year a year where you can become healthier and wealthier. We will provide way to become better informed on how to improve your health as well as how to share […]

Bitcoin in 2021-Making Money Online

  Bitcoin Earning System from William Ribblett on Vimeo. This video will show you the Bitcoin market threshold on earning Bitcoins. The process can be your business for 2021. Included in the program is the marketing system link which gives you an overview of the comp plan in both the IWebaTool marketing system the commission […]

Reviewing Weight Loss Myths

WHY DON’T DIETS WORK…? BECAUSE THEY JUST FOCUS ON HELPING WITH CONTROLLING YOUR APPETITE! WEIGHT LOSS FOR GOOD IZEEPURE HAS AMAZING FITNESS BENEFITS: * Fat Loss & Weight Loss * Provides Essential Leptin * Feeling Great * Improved Self Esteem & Self Confidence * Maintaining Lean Muscle Mass * New Dress/Suit Sizes * Looking Great […]