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There are literally MILLIONS of quality programs and products available for you to sell on the web. Many are very good and you can earn a substantial commission from selling them. BUT…what would you rather have – a $20.00 profit ONE time, or a $10.00 profit every month, over and over again, for an indefinite period of time….. without having to do anything for it?

Silly question, isn’t it?

If you concentrate your marketing efforts on “one shot deals,” you may very well make some nice money…..THIS month. But, then, NEXT month you have to start all over again – in effect you are starting out your business from scratch. Do you actually want to do this month, after month, after month?

When you sell a product that pays you just once, you are making money for the company.  When you sell a product that pays you over and over again, you are making money for yourself!

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